Research Activities

The Institute conducts a wide range of research works on important issues of improving the legislative basis of reforming and modernization of the country.

It carries out theoretical and applied scientific work based on the state grants on innovation and fundamental sciences.

The results of the researches have theoretical, scientific and practical value and are widely used to improve the national legislation.

The Institute has published a number of monographs and books on different issues of legal sciences and education. These works are well known to both national and foreign experts, and most of them are the basic sources of teaching at the departments of law of the leading universities of the country.

The articles and research papers of the experts of the Institute, devoted to the topical issues of legal sciences, the issues of improving of the legal system and its effectiveness, as well as explaining the basic provisions of the legislative innovations in the country, are regularly published in local and foreign newspapers, magazines, journals, books, etc.

The Institute holds seminars, conferences, including international events on topical issues of legal regulation of social and state building.